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Web Design

Check out our full range of dynamic websites through Joomla and Wordpress.



Improve your customer's ability to find you with Google's approved search engine optimization techniques.


Hosting and Management

Let us manage your site for you! We'll take care of hosting, security, and updates!


Additional Services

Need something else? We also have experience in social media, publishing, and graphic design.

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At Nautilus Bay Web Design we believe in serving you with three core values



We believe the most important thing when creating a website is giving you something that speaks to your customers, followers, or fans. Whether you're looking for an edgy site that builds excitement, or something warm and inviting that will draw people in, we can create something that will make your online reflection shine.



In this data-driven era of connectability, internet privacy and security is more important than ever. Because of this, we take all available precautions to shelter your site from hackers, spammers, and other malware. In addition, we will help you learn what you can do personally to keep your site safe. 



The internet's hours are 24/7. This means when you shut your doors at the end of the day, we keep ours open. To keep our presentation of your website reliable, we use one of the most consistent hosting providers with an amazing 99.99% uptime. We understand that your website is a representation of your business, and a dependable website reflects a dependable business.

We also believe in being reliable for deadlines. Of course life is full of surprises, but we can assure you that any quote or timetable we give is our best estimate with no deception. After all, our number one marketing tool is word of mouth, so we want to be someone you would refer to a friend.